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Dosage of Phen375

A very famous quotation “Excess of everything is bad” really fits in this context. People usually think to lose the weight very quickly but this thinking leads them to a disaster most of the time. There are multiple weight reducing tablets are available in the market. The manufacturers of these drugs claim their medicines to be the best among the others. But the best is that medicine which had less negative side effects.

Talking about the what Is Phentermine 37.5 used for?, it is very important to note that this tablet should not be taken irregularly. The effectiveness of the medicine can only be seen if it is taken according to the schedule and defined time span.

The manufacturers of the Phen375 suggests that maximum 2 tablets should be consumed in a single day. one tablet of phen 375 should be taken early in the morning before having the breakfast. The other tablet should be taken in the afternoon just before the lunch.

If you had missed a dose, then don’t take the double dose next day. if u do so then you can risk your life. Many doctors suggest that this weight losing medicine should be taken with a glass of water. As water had many good aspects and it benefits the human body.

Some people intend to take 2 tablets in morning or in afternoon. But these people are not called mentally fit as they consume too much amount due to lack of sleep and by having this medicine they can have a good long sleep.

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So you want to start eating healthy?


Be Dedicated

Someone told you that you must eat healthy, or you think it is high time you started eating better. If you force yourself to stop eating your favorite food, you are not going to succeed because you are doing it for all the wrong reasons.

Small changes will lead you to the very top. Do not feel miserable because of lack of certain food in your everyday life. Rather think about the advantages of your decision to change your life for better, and be a role model to your children.

Chips, pizza, and other junk food cannot give you pleasure so stop eating them. Tony Robbins, a self-help guru once said “Nothing tastes as good as looking good feels.”

Stop being slave to crap food

Food companies want you to be addictive to junk food. Good news is that choice is yours. Do not let your taste buds be deceived. We need to stop looking for instant satisfaction.

Dummies Eating

And now you are prepared to start introducing changes, but you still do not know how and what you aim to change. Start from calories.

3500 is equal to one pound of fat.

By using math, we will see that 3500/7=500

According to this calculation, you need to cut down on your daily calories intake. In order to burn one pound a week, you will have to eat 500 less calories on a daily basis. Doing regular workout and eating less than you used to do, will definitely help you in achieving this.

And now you probably wonder.. How am I going to achieve this?

And here is the answer. Next three to four days count your calories intake. Seriously, count every single calorie!

Now you probably think: “I can’t do that. It’s useless to count calories.” Don’t worry! There are useful sites such as  or The that helps you with counting calories.

After a couple of days, again pay attention to your daily calories intake. Burn or eat 500 calories less, if you want to work off a pound a week. Burning 250 calories a day will be enough for losing half a pound a week. Changing eating habits, such as giving up soda, or simply eating smaller portions can contribute to this.

You have no idea what is your daily calories intake? Check it here and then take a look at this

Decreasing your daily calories intake from 4,000 to 2,000 can have negative effects. In particular, you will be anxious and nervous. Therefore, cut down calories intake gradually. Several hundred of calories weekly will be just enough. Your stomach will need some time to get used to less food.

Basically, what you need to be careful about are food portions. This is the easiest way for losing weight, but in the same time it results in the least favorable outcome for your health. However, it is a very good method for novices to improve their eating habits.

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