Dealing With Carrageenan

What other titles is Carrageenan recognized by?

Algas, Algue Rouge Marine, Carrageen, Carrageenin, Carragenano, Carragenina, Carragheenan, Carraghénane, Carraghénine, Chondrus crispus, Chondrus Extract, Euchema variety, Extrait de Mousse d’Irlande, Galgarine, Gigartina chamissoi, Gigartina mamillosa, Gigartina skottsbergii, Irish Moss Algae, Irish Moss Extract, Mousse d’Irlande, Red Marine Algae.

What’s Carrageenan?

Carrageenan is made of areas of numerous red algae or seaweeds and it is useful for medicine.

Carrageenan can be used for coughs, bronchitis, tuberculosis, and intestinal problems. The French work with a type that’s been transformed by adding acid and high temperatures. This type can be used to deal with peptic ulcers, so that as a bulk laxative.

Many people use carrageenan straight to your skin for distress across the rectum.

In production, carrageenan can be used like a binder, thickening agent, so that as a backing in medicines, meals, and toothpaste. Carrageenan can be an element in fat loss products.

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