What are Wisdom Teeth?

The last molars on both sides of your jaw are called wisdom teeth. These are the teeth that emerge between the ages of 16 to 20. These teeth are the last teeth that emerge in the mouth and are permanent. There is often insufficient space in the mouth for them which can cause them to be impacted. Properly aligned and healthy wisdom teeth can be a real asset for the mouth, but most often that is not the case and they are required to be removed.

If the wisdom teeth emerge only partially or twisted, disease and crowding can occur. If teeth are removed prior to the age of 20, there are lesser complications as their roots are less developed. So, according to advice of dentists, the wisdom teeth of individuals who are between the age of 16 and 19 should be evaluated to check if they require removal.

How their extraction happens?

This is a routine procedure that involves numbing of that area of the mouth or administering local anesthesia to put the patient to sleep. To restrict bleeding that could happen after tooth removal, patient may be asked to bite on a piece of gauze for a few minutes. Some pain and swelling is a normal symptom but you should contact your doctor if it persists. Other symptoms to be cautious about are bleeding or fever. Your bite and oral health will not be affected by removing the wisdom teeth.

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