Why I Prefer healthiest foods and drinks

Health is something that we can never compromise on but due to our busy lifestyles we tend to neglect the one thing that matters the most. Here is a little information on healthiest foods and drinks that will have you looking great and feeling even better.

The first healthy food that is often over looked is a simple lemon. Just one lemon has enough vitamin C to fill your daily quota and it helps increase good HDL cholesterol levels while also strengthening your bones. The citrus flavonoids in lemons help stump the growth of cancerous cells and have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Take a slice of lemon and put it in you green tea then lemon would help absorption of the antioxidants by almost 80%. One healthy food and drink ready to go.

When talking about healthy food how can one forget about vegetables? One such vegetable which most children tend to avoid are broccoli, which is loaded with vitamin K and C fulfills your daily requirement and these are very essential bone-building nutrients not to mention how well it fights against illnesses such as cancer.

Another surprisingly healthy food is dark chocolate. Who said eating healthy couldn’t be fun? Just a quarter of an ounce of dark chocolate can help reduce blood pressure and the cocoa powder being rich in antioxidants is known to reduce bad LDL cholesterol levels and increase good HDL levels.
Try incorporating some dark chocolate in a glass of milk before you go to sleep.

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